20 years of Weiye Sensing, 100 years of Prosperity IoT

On April 25, 2023, the showers had just stopped and the sky was clear. The young Winsen ushered in its 20th birthday, and Winsen people gathered grandly to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Winsen Technology.

May 29,2023

Winsen Technology 20th Anniversary Celebration

On April 25, 2023, the showers had just stopped and the sky was clear.

The young Winsen ushered in its 20th birthday, and Winsen people gathered grandly to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Winsen Technology.

Over the past 20 years, we have carried forward the spirit of responsibility and responsibility, and the more difficult and dangerous we are, the more we move forward;

Over the past 20 years, we have anchored the established goal and drawn the largest concentric circle;

Over the past two decades, we have strengthened our strategic confidence and moved forward in unison.

Weiye Sensing has been in business for 20 years, and Shengshi Wulian has been thriving for a hundred years. I wish Winsen a happy birthday and a prosperous development!

opening ceremony

Hot opening dance

A group of young and beautiful friends kicked off the celebration with a vigorous opening dance, and sent the first blessing with graceful dance.

Leader's speech

Time is like a giant pen, drawing a magnificent and magnificent picture of unity; the loud horn of progress encourages the never-ending pace of struggle.

Twenty years ago today, with the first industrial upgrade of the group company, Winsen Technology came into being, and Winsen's sensor business also started. Based on technology and winning by innovation, we challenged the international giants head-on, opened a gap in the field of gas sensors, and realized import substitution. China's independent brands have since entered a new world of pride.

Nowadays, in the face of the explosive demand for sensors and the rapid global development of the Internet of Things, in the concerted efforts of all Winsen people, Winsen has completed the process from single product manufacturing to overall solution provision, and then to the entire industry chain. The successful transformation of the control system has developed from an unknown small company to a leader in the domestic gas sensor industry and a well-known global sensor company.

Hanwei Cultural Code Practice Case Collection Released

Culture is to an enterprise, just like the soul is to a person. As an important member unit of the sensor business sector of Hanwei Technology Group, Winsen Technology has not only spent 20 years to achieve the same business, but also used 20 years to practice the same core values.

It is internalized in the heart and externalized in action. The collection of practical cases in the "Hanwei Cultural Code" reviewed and extracted the valuable history of Winsen Technology, such as organizational wisdom, management practice, technological innovation, team building and typical examples, recorded Weisheng's team spirit and witnessed Winsen's 20-year history. Sheng's development history interprets Hanwei's corporate culture.

Use eternal words to record intangible wealth and present the essence of a book, a gift for Winsen's 20th birthday!

On-site interaction, six places party

On the day of the celebration, the sensor park was used as the main venue, and the Internet of Things Park, Shanghai R&D Center, Shenzhen Hanwei IoT, Shanxi Tengxing, and Xinyang Winsen were used as sub-venues to celebrate.

Just as the Shenzhen Gas Exhibition was launched, partners at the exhibition site also sent congratulations.

There are also interactive games at the main venue. The 6 golden eggs represent 6 kinds of "surprises". The scene is full of laughter and fun.

After the joyful game, the cake symbolizing happiness and sweetness slowly appeared in the cheerful birthday song. The company's management and employee representatives jointly made a birthday wish and shared this joy with all Weisheng people.

With great achievements in mind, twenty years is just a prologue.

Facing the future, we are confident that we will continue to strengthen the unique advantages and barriers of sensors. Relying on gas sensors, following the wave of the intelligent information revolution, we will innovate and reproduce more advanced, richer and more vital sensor series, forming a high-precision, multi-category, The product pedigree of the square scene is unremittingly striving to become a leader in sensors and solutions.

There is no obstacle in the mission to urge the collection; the spring breeze has faith, and the flowers bloom in a certain period. The 20-year-old Weisheng will always be young and full of enthusiasm!


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