CO2 monitoring is used in production processes that are prone to occupational exposure to various hazards that produce carbon dioxide.

August 19 , 2021

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless and odorless gas at room temperature. It maintains a certain concentration of CO2 in industrial, agricultural, animal husbandry and residential environments and public places. Carbon dioxide gas detectors and carbon dioxide detectors detect the concentration of CO2 on site. Excessive CO2 concentration can cause human body poisoning.

The production process of carbon dioxide detectors used in occupational exposure to various hazards that easily produce carbon dioxide includes the following:

(1) Various mines, oil wells, cabin bottoms and waterways that have not been open for a long time;

(2) Plant fermentation sugar production, wine production, corn production acetone and other production processes;

(3) Store fruits and grains in unventilated cellars and closed warehouses, which are likely to produce CO2;

(4) Filling and using carbon dioxide fire extinguishers;

(5) Sub-arc welding is in progress.

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