Electrochemical CO Sensor 4S-CO

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The electrochemical 4S-CO carbon monoxide gas sensor works according to the principle of electrochemistry, using the electrochemical oxidation process of the gas to be measured at the working electrode potential in the electrolytic cell, and the current generated by the electrochemical reaction of the gas to be measured is proportional to its concentration and follows Faraday According to the law, the concentration of the gas to be measured can be determined by measuring the magnitude of the current.


* Low power consumption
* High precision and sensitivity
* Wide linear range
* Strong anti-interference ability
* Excellent repeatability and stability

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CO Alarm

In daily life, coal, charcoal, and liquefied petroleum gas will produce carbon dioxide after combustion, and carbon dioxide will be reduced to CO in a poorly ventilated environment. CO is a suffocating poison gas, which is colorless, odorless, and non-irritating. If CO leaks, it cannot be discerned by the eye or nose. As we all know, poor ventilation during combustion can lead to a decrease in oxygen content, resulting in incomplete combustion and increased CO production. When the concentration of CO in the room continues to increase, people will gradually feel headache, nausea, difficulty breathing, collapse, dizziness.


Other Detector

Formaldehyde detector is an instrument for detecting formaldehyde. Generally, semiconductor sensors and electrochemical sensors are used to realize the rapid semi-quantification of formaldehyde in indoor air on the spot, which is characterized by simple structure, small size, intuitive,easy to carry and use.


Industrial Poison Alarm

Common toxic and harmful gases can be divided into irritating gases and asphyxiating gases according to their toxic properties.


Industrial Exhaust Monitoring

Industrial waste gas refers to the general term for various pollutant-containing gases discharged into the air generated during the fuel combustion and production process in the factory area of the enterprise. These gases enter the human body through the respiratory tract through different routes, some directly cause harm, and some have an accumulation effect, which will seriously endanger human health.


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Specification Product Size

Technical Data Sheet

Basic performance
Sensitivity 70±15nA/ppm
Maximum filter volume >20000ppm*hours
Range 0~2000ppm
Baseline drift <±2ppm
Response time (T90) <15s (typical value 12s)
Recovery time (T10) <20s (typical value 15s)
Linearity Linear to 2000ppm
Repeatability <±2%
Use environment
range of working temperature -40℃~+55℃
Working pressure range 800~1200mbar
Operating humidity range 15%RH~90%RH
Life warranty
Output drift <5% Per year
Service life >24months(in air)
Warranty 12months(From the date of shipment)
Recommended storage temperature 0~20℃(sealed container)
Resolution <1ppm
Recommended load resistance 10Ω
Intrinsic safety characteristics
2000ppm maximum current 0.2mA
Maximum O/C voltage 1.3V
Maximum S/C current <1.0A





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As a pioneer in gas sensor based solutions with the advanced processes, technologies and products, Winsen offers a wide range of gas sensors:


As a pioneer in gas sensor based solutions with the advanced processes, technologies and products, Winsen offers a wide range of gas sensors:


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We have 17 sensor series, 200+ categories, and 300+ detection objects for gas detection. Such as CO, CO2, VOC, PM2.5, CH4, LPG and so on. In particular, we also have MEMS sensors. According to your industry application, gas principle, power consumption, accuracy, and range requirements, and we can select a specific model for you. You can also use the product filter below to choose a suitable product, or choose online serivce.

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The warranty period is one year from the date of shipment. If the appearance of the product is not damaged, it can be returned after confirmation. For damage not caused by Winsen, the customer shall bear all maintenance costs.

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