August 19 , 2021

In the natural environment, the normal level of carbon dioxide in the air is about 0.04% (400ppm), sometimes reaching 500ppm in large cities. When the room is empty, the concentration of carbon dioxide is typically 500 to 700ppm. In the short term, carbon dioxide levels are too high to have much effect on the human body. However, if we live and work in the environment of excessive carbon dioxide for a long time, it will bring great harm to human body. The importance of keeping CO2 concentration low is not only because it directly affects the working status of the people in the environment, but also helps to improve the working efficiency of people. It also means that the current environment has sufficient fresh air, which can greatly reduce the risk of building syndrome.

At present, the common carbon dioxide sensor applies non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) principle. The basic principle is to make quantitative analysis by measuring the change of the selective absorption intensity of the infrared electromagnetic radiation of CO2. When using this type of sensor, care should be taken to adopt CO2 sensors that automatically maintain stable, reliable measurement accuracy and performance at all times. For example, CO2 sensor MH-Z19C from Zhengzhou WINSEN electronics is a high-performance infrared gas sensor utilizing this principle.

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MH-Z19C CO2 sensor

The sensor has built-in temperature compensation, providing UART, PWM output modes, with good selectivity and no oxygen dependence, long life, fast response time, resistance to water vapor interference, no poisoning and excellent stability. The gas chamber is gold-plated, waterproof and corrosion-resistant, and has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high resolution and low power consumption.

MH-Z19C CO2 sensor complies with RESET standard as well as WELL, LEED, FITWEL standards, which can be widely used in HVAC systems, air quality monitoring equipment, CO2 detector, air purification equipment, smart home and other fields.

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