Infrared Pyroelectric Sensor RDA224-F

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Digital PIR sensor RDA224-F, is an integrated design of sensitive element and signal processing chip, packaged sensitive element and IC chip into sensor shield. Sensitive element transfer the human movement signal to high-precision digital chip for data processing. Then the sensor gives digital signal for easy using.


* High-precision AD signal process
* Differential signal input mode, anti-interference ability
* Sensitivity, delay time, and light adjustment function
* Enable pin controls the sensor output
* Low working voltage and power consumption
* Digital TTL signal output

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Infrared Induction Appliance

Human body induction empower home appliances with intelligence.In the field of human body induction, the main application fields of Winsen sensors are toys, burglar alarms, induction doors, induction lamps, induction switches, etc.


Infrared Alarm

The infrared alarm to prevent human intrusion is composed of pyroelectric infrared sensor and alarm controller. When someone enters the range to be protected, the sensor generates an electrical signal and transmits it to the controller, and the controller sends the alarm signal to the terminal through signal processing.


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Specification Product Size

Technical Data Sheet

Max Limit

Parameter Symbol  Min Max Unit Note
Service voltage VDD  0.3 5.5 V 25℃
Output voltage Iout VSS-0.3 VDD+0.3 V 25℃
Storage temperature TST  -40 +125   

Electrical parameters (unless otherwise stated: T=25℃, VDD=3.0V)

Parameter Symbol Min  Typical Max  Unit Note
Working condition
Voltage VDD  2.2 3.0 5.0 V Power supply mode
Current IDD  8.0 10 15 uA VDD=3V, no load
Temperature TOPR -20   +70  
Analog Input Pin (ONTIME)
ONTIME Input range VIN VSS-0.3   VDD+0.3    
ONTIME Input current       20 nA The drop-down current
Output pin (REL)
Z large output drive current IREL     10 mA VDD=5V
REL end output high level VOH     2.7 V



REL end output low level VOL 0.3     V
Blocking time     2.0   S  
Delay time ONTIME 2   3600 S 16 speed adjustment (nonlinear)
Oscillator and filter
Low pass filter cutoff frequency FIPF     7 Hz  
High pass filter cutoff frequency FHPF 0.4     Hz  



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As a pioneer in gas sensor based solutions with the advanced processes, technologies and products, Winsen offers a wide range of gas sensors:


As a pioneer in gas sensor based solutions with the advanced processes, technologies and products, Winsen offers a wide range of gas sensors:


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