Integrated Gas Sensor Module ZPHS01B

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ZPHS01B is a multi-in-one air quality module, integrating laser dust sensor, infrared carbon dioxide sensor, electrochemical formaldehyde sensor, electrochemical ozone sensor, electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor, VOC sensor, NO2 sensor and temperature and humidity sensor. It can accurately measure the concentration of various gases in the air, with UART (TTL level) communication interface.


* Multi-function, Multi in one module

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Air Quality Monitor

Air pollution is becoming more and more serious. The value of PM2.5 (referring to particulate matter with aerodynamic equivalent diameter less than or equal to 2.5 microns in ambient air) is a parameter index.


Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

The World Health Organization's "Indoor Air Pollution and Health" pointed out that the current level of indoor air pollution is 5-10 times higher than outdoor pollution, and 4% of global diseases are related to indoor air quality, and about 2 million people die prematurely each year from diseases caused by indoor air pollution.


Air Purifier

Winsen is a world-renowned gas sensor manufacturer and supplier. A variety of sensors are intelligently combined and developed to form the overall concept of the module. The extremely flexible assembly combination can meet the sensitivity, corresponding speed, stability, power consumption and size requirements of all air purifiers on the market.


Vehicle Air Quality

Vehicle exhaust contains hundreds of different compounds, including suspended solids, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, lead and sulfur oxides. Among them, hydrocarbons (HC) in automobile exhaust are the result of direct emission of unburned or insufficiently burned gasoline in the form of gas. Under the action of ultraviolet light,



Winsen Technology has provided accurate gas detection solutions for more than 1,000 fresh air enterprises, which has also established the influence of Winsen sensors in the air purification market. In the future, Winsen will launch more intelligent and miniaturized all-in-one integrated modules to meet the various needs of different customers in the ventilation system market.


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Specification Product Size

Technical Data Sheet


Model ZPHS01B
Target Gas CO2. PM2.5. CH2O. O3. CO. TVOC. NO2. Temperature. Humidity
Working voltage 5V (DC)
Average Current < 300 mA
Peak Current < 500 mA
Physical interface XH2.54-4P
Interface level 3V(compatible with 3.3V)
Output signal UART (TTL)
PM2.5 Range 0~1000 μg/m3
Particle size range 0.3-10μm(PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10)
Accuracy ±15 ug/m3(when concentration is≤100ug/m3);
±15% (when concentration is >100ug/m3)
Response time T90 < 45s
Sampling method Fan extraction
MTTF Continuous uninterrupted > 10000h
CO2 Range 0~5000 ppm
Accuracy ±(50ppm+5% of reading value)
Warm-up time 3min
Response time T90 < 120s
Sampling method Diffuse
Lifespan > 5 years
CH2O Range 0~6.250 mg/m3
Accuracy ± 0.03 mg/m3(when concentration is≤ 0.2mg/m3);
± 20% reading value (when concentration is >0.2mg/m3)
Warm-up time ≤ 3min
Response time ≤ 60s
Recovery time ≤ 60s
Sampling method Diffuse
Lifespan 5 years (18~25℃ in clean air)
TVOC Range 0~3 grades
Warm-up time ≤3min
Response time ≤20s
Recovery time ≤60s
Sampling method Diffuse
Sensitivity attenuation ≤1% /year
O3 Range 0~10 ppm
Resolution 0.01 ppm
Accuracy ± 0.1ppm, when the concentration is ≤1ppm; 
±20% full range, when the concentration is over 1ppm;
Warm-up ≤3min
Response time ≤90s
Recovery time ≤90s
Sampling method Diffuse
Lifespan 2 years(18~25℃ in clean air)
CO Range 0~500 ppm
Resolution 0.1 ppm
Accuracy ± 10% reading value
Warm-up ≤30s
Response time ≤30s
Recovery time ≤30s
Sampling method Diffuse
Lifespan 3~5 years (in air)
NO2 Range 0.1~10 ppm
Resolution 0.05ppm
Warm-up ≤3min
Response time ≤120s
Recovery time ≤90s
Temperature Range -20~65℃
Accuracy ±0.5℃(0-65℃)
Humidity Range 0~100%RH
Accuracy ±3%RH
Working temperature -10~50℃
Working humidity 15~80% RH (no condensing)
Storage temperature(recommend) 0~25℃
Storage humidity (recommend) 0~80% RH
Dimensions 135 x 50 x 26.2mm (L x W x H)



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As a pioneer in gas sensor based solutions with the advanced processes, technologies and products, Winsen offers a wide range of gas sensors:


As a pioneer in gas sensor based solutions with the advanced processes, technologies and products, Winsen offers a wide range of gas sensors:


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