For industrial spot CO2 detection

Applications :

*industrial field
*safety protection

Product Advantages:
  • *Linear output signal
  • *Reliable performance
  • *Resistant to toxicosis
  • *Less demand of oxygen
Product Description:

MD62 gas sensor consists of an active element and a reference element with the same resistance, both elements are placed in a wheatstone bridge circuit, The analyzing gas contents changes, the overall thermal coefficient of mixed gases changed correspondingly; when the active element meet the combustible gas, its resistance become smaller, when It meet other gas, Its resistance become larger(air background), the bridge circuit output the voltage change, this change increase according to gas concentration, the reference element as a benchmark while for temperature compensation.

Technical Parameters:
Detection Gas CO2
Type Thermal conduction
Working Voltage (V) 3.0±0.1 (DC)
Working current(mA) ≤120 mA
Sensitivity (mV/10%CO2) ≥5
linearity ≤5%
Response time (90%) ≤15 s
Resume time (90%) ≤30 s
Using Environment -20-+50℃ <95%RH
Storage Environment -20—+70℃ <95%RH
Dimension(mm) 19×9.5×14
Explosion-proof ExdibⅠ
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