ME4-CO-E4 Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor

For outdoor atmospheric environmental monitoring

Applications :

*Smart city system
*Outdoor atmospheric environmental monitoring
*Factory area unorganized emission monitoring

Product Advantages:
  • *PPB Level detection
  • *Low power consumption
  • *High sensitivity
  • *Short response time
  • *Good anti-interference ability
Product Description:

ME4-CO-E4 carbon monoxide gas sensor is constant potential electrolysis type. Oxidation-reduction reaction with carbon monoxide and oxygen take place respectively on the working electrode and on the counter electrode. The process releases electric charge and generates current. The current is in direct proportion to the concentration of carbon monoxide. So the concentration of the target gas could be got by measuring the value of current. The 4th electrode (auxiliary electrode) is used to compensate the zero current, to make it has the characteristics of strong signal level and low zero current.

Technical Parameters:
Detection Gas Carbon monoxide(CO)
Detection Range 0~1000ppm
Max Range 2000ppm
Sensitivity 0.3~0.5µA/ppm
Resolution <10ppb
Response Time(T90) < 30S
Load Resistance 33-100Ω(recommended)
Output Linearity linear
Stability(/month) <10﹪
Zero drift (-20℃~40℃) <±100ppb
Temperature range -30℃~50℃
Humidity range 15﹪~90﹪RH
Pressure range 80-120kPa
Lifespan 2years(in air)
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