MG812 Eletrolyte CO2 Sensor

For motor home and indoor air quality monitoring

Applications :

*indoor air quality monitoring
*motor home

Product Advantages:
  • *Small sizes
  • *low power-consumption
  • *high sensitivity and good selectivity
  • *Less affection by temperature and humidity
  • *Good stability and repeatability
Product Description:

MG-812 is a semiconductor oxide chemical sensor that uses solid electrolyte battery principles to detect CO2. When the sensor is kept at a certain working temperature and placed in a CO2 atmosphere, an electrode reaction occurs between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, and the output signal voltage is inversely proportional to the logarithm of the CO2 concentration. A voltage change in the test signal can detect a change in the CO2 concentration.

Technical Parameters:
Model No. MG812
Standard pack Metal shell
Target gas CO2
Detection range 0~ 10000ppm CO2
Heater voltage VH 5.0±0.1 V
Heater resistance RH 60.0±5Ω
Heater current IH 85±10mA
Heater consumption PH 420±50mW
Working temp Tao -20~50℃
Storage temp -20~70℃
Zero EM F 200-400mV (in 400ppm CO2)
Output signal △EM F ≧20mV EMF (40ppmCO2)- EMF (1000ppmCO2)
The Latest Manual

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