MR513 Hot-wire type gas sensor

For Portable alcohol detector and automotive ignition control system

Applications :

*Portable alcohol detector
*automotive ignition control system

Product Advantages:
  • *High sensitivity, large signal output
  • *Short duration of initial stabilization, fast response.
  • *Good reproducibility and reliability
  • *Low consumption
Product Description:

MR513 type gas sensor detect the gas concentration through resistance variation of platinum loop, which is based on the principle of the gas absorbed on the surface of metal oxide semiconductor lead to the heat exchange and electricity exchange variation. It consists of detecting element and compensating element, which are the two legs of electric bridge. When exposing to the combustible gas, the resistance of detecting element reduces and the voltage variation of bridge output increase in direct proportion according to gas concentration. The compensating element performs for the reference and temperature compensation functions.

Technical Parameters:
Model MR513
Type Hot-wire gas sensor
Standard encapsulation Plastic encapsulation
Working voltage(V) 2.5±0.1
Working current(mA) ≤100
Sensitivity(mV) ≥60 (alcohol 100ppm)
Linearity(%) 0~5
Response time (90%) ≤20
Resume time (90%) ≤40
Using environment -20-+50℃ under 95%RH
Storage environment -20—+70℃ under 70%RH
Dimension(mm) Φ12mm×10mm
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