MRT311 Thermopile Temperature Sensor

For Non-contact temperature measuring

Applications :

*Infrared thermometer, such as ear temperature and forehead temperature measurement
*Continuous temperature control of production process
*Household appliances (Microwave oven, hair dryers, air conditioners etc)
*Intelligent temperature induction and control system
*Human presence detection

Product Advantages:
  • *TO-46 metal package
  • *High sensitivity
  • *Quick response, Good stability
  • *High filter transmittance
  • *High precision NTC
Product Description:

MRT-311 thermopile sensor is based on MEMS technology, consists of hundreds of thermocouples connected in series. Using Seebeck principle, when there is a temperature difference between the target and the environment, the sensor gives the corresponding voltage output, therefore detecting the existence of the target or the temperature of the target.

Technical Parameters:
Parameter Value Unit Remarks
Chip size 1.1×1.1 mm /
Field of view 95 Degree Above 50%
Thermopile resistor 90±30 25℃
Noise voltage 38 nV/Hz1/2 25℃
Noise equivalent power 0.23 nW/Hz1/2 500K, 1Hz, 25℃
Response rate 160±40 V/W 500K, 1Hz, 25℃
Temperature coefficient of resistance 0.06 %/℃ 25℃~75℃
Time constant ≤13 ms
Detection rate 1.5 ×108 cmHz1/2/W 500K, 1Hz, 25℃
NTC resistance 100 ± 1% 25℃
NTC(β) 3950 ± 1% / 25℃/50℃
Working temperature -30 ~ 125℃  
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