MS-Z5 Macromolecule Humidity Sensor

For warehousing, industry production

Applications :

*warehousing *industry production
*process control *environmental monitoring
*home appliances and meteorology

Product Advantages:
  • *Wide humidity detected rang
  • *Fast response
  • *Small Humidity hysteresis error
  • *Simple manufacture
  • *Easy integration
Product Description:

In wet conditions, water molecules are adsorbed by polar group on the surface of martial. And as the humidity increases, the quantity of water molecules will be changed accordingly. The adsorbed water is gradually condensing and coming into be liquid, which is electrolyte solution with current channel quality.

With the humidity increasing, macromolecule will swell, interior free volume will be bigger, carrier will be increased and the activated energy of macromolecule polyelectrolyte counter-ions will decrease, drift mobility will increase and impedance will decrease. And then when humidity decreases, water molecules are released from ion polymer and the resistor of material will increase. The environment humidity can be monitored through testing the impedance.

Technical Parameters:
Temperature Humidity
Working range 0~60°C 20~90%RH
Storage range -25~70°C ≤90%RH (non condensation)
Detection range 10~90%RH(0~60℃)
Rated voltage 1.5V AC(MAX, sine wave)
Rated power 0.2mW(MAX, sine wave )
Working frequency 500Hz~2kHz
Nominal value &range 31 (20~50) KΩ(60%RH, 25°C)
Temperature Character ≤0.5%RH/°C
Hysteresis ≤2%RH
Response time Moisture absorption:≤20s Dehumidification:≤30s
Stability 2%RH/year
Accuracy ≤±3%RH
The Latest Manual

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