Pipeline Pressure Monitoring

The combustion gas used in the city is supplied to urban residents from the gas source point through the gas distribution and supply system. The main component of the gas distribution system is the gas pipeline. Compared with other pipelines, the tightness of gas pipelines has particularly strict requirements, because the pressure of gas in the pipeline is different. The higher the pressure, the more likely it is that the pipe joints will fall off or the pipe itself will crack. Once there is air leakage, it may cause serious accidents such as fire, explosion, leakage and poisoning.

gas sensors for pipeline pressure monitoring

The gas pipelines of various pressure levels in the gas transmission and distribution system should be connected through a pressure regulating device. When it is possible to exceed the maximum allowable working pressure, safety protection equipment to prevent pipeline overpressure should be installed.

In the gas pipeline pressure monitoring system, the pressure sensor can be used to monitor the pipeline pressure in real time, and in the gas furnace, the pressure sensor is also used to measure the pressure of the gas in the gas supply pipeline, so as to judge whether the gas is sufficient or whether it is leaking.

WPAK63 pressure sensor

WPAK63 pressure sensor

Winsen WPAK63 series pressure sensor is a pressure core packaged with high-precision diffused silicon pressure-sensitive chip and mature production process.As a high-performance pressure sensitive element, it can be easily amplified and assembled into the pressure transmitter with standard signal output.

The core is a Φ19mm standard OEM pressure core, which is highly interchangeable with the same type of other similar products. It can measure gauge pressure, absolute pressure and sealing pressure. It is packaged in all stainless steel 316L and has strong corrosion resistance. Winsen can provide customized service for pressure sensor such as all-welded structure, wide temperature compensation, special shape, high reliability, strong shock resistance and vibration resistance.

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Pressure Sensor WPDK06

WPDK06 universal ceramic pressure transmitter is a small size, light weight, and compact pressure transmitter. It's very easy to install and use, and it's an affordable product. Self-manufactured pressure core, through reliable amplification circuit and precise temperature compensation, converts the pressure of the measured medium into a standard voltage signal output. Integrated all-stainless-steel structure and high-strength plastic components improve the overall anti-corrosion performance. Can meet pressure measurement and control demands in a variety of environmental conditions. Can be widely used in water pump, intelligent water supply, air compressor, automobile, air conditioner, water treatment, pneumatic hydraulic control, etc.

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Liquid Level Sensor WPDK05

WPDK05 series general-purpose liquid level transmitter is a new type of input liquid level measurement product, with high-quality imported diffused silicon as the core component, through the company's strict production process and quality management system, as well as sophisticated testing equipment, for the customer provided a new type of high stability submersible liquid level measuring instrument.

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Pressure Sensor WPBH01

The WPBH01 ceramic pressure sensor module is a voltage output type of pressure transmission module, there is no shell of the ceramic pressure transmitter. This product is made of refined ceramic seat ceramic piezo resistive pressure sensor, using precision conditioning chip on the sensor offset, sensitivity, temperature drift and other compensation. With high integration, small size, high precision, good consistency, anti-interference ability, response speed block, wide temperature range and other characteristics.

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Pressure Sensor WPAK63

WPAK63 series is a pressure core encapsulated by high precision imported diffused silicon pressure sensitive chip and mature production process. It is the core component for manufacturing pressure sensor and pressure transmitter.As a high performance pressure sensitive element, it can be easily amplified and assembled into a transmitter with standard signal output. 

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How to choose the right sensor for your project?

We have 17 sensor series, 200+ categories, and 300+ detection objects for gas detection. Such as CO, CO2, VOC, PM2.5, CH4, LPG and so on. In particular, we also have MEMS sensors. According to your industry application, gas principle, power consumption, accuracy, and range requirements, and we can select a specific model for you. You can also use the product filter below to choose a suitable product, or choose online serivce.

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Is the Dust Sensor Wired when Shipped?

Laser dust is wired, infrared dust is not wired.

How to Install and Place the Infrared Dust Sensor?

It must be installed vertically. Keep away from artificial air flow such as fans. When used in air purifiers, the front and rear of the fan cannot be installed. Optionally install it on one side of the shell, but keep vents on the shell to ensure that the external air can diffuse in.

Can the Two Voltages of Mq-7 Exist All the Time, or Do They Need to Be Powered Alternately? if It is an Alternate Power Supply, What is the Appropriate Power Supply Time?

It requires alternate power supply. Please check the information on the product manual. This sensor is powered by 1.5V and 5V alternately. The low temperature and low voltage (1.5V) state can detect CO, and the high voltage (5V) is the desorption process. The recommended 5V voltage duration is 60s, 1.5V voltage duration is 90s to alternately supply power. Since it is a desorption process at 5V, it is normal for the voltage to drop when CO is 150ppm.
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