PM1000 Outdoor Laser Dust Sensor

Urban Air Quality Distributed On-line Monitoring (Small Weather Station)

Applications :

*Urban Air Quality Distributed On-line Monitoring (Small Weather Station);
*Site dust (noise) monitoring system;
*Indoor and outdoor public places air quality monitoring;
*Atmospheric environment monitoring and early warning system;
*Schools, railway stations, hospitals, shopping malls and other air quality monitoring.

Product Advantages:
  • *High sensitivity, good repeatability
  • *High stability laser module, precise constant current control, high and low temperature data is stable and reliable
  • *Consistency, fast response
  • *Aluminum structure design, light airway stable and reliable, durable; Dust removal structure design, good recovery
  • *PM2.5 and PM10 particle size algorithm distinction, the quality of micrograms show
Product Description:

The PM1000 Series is a constant-flow, outdoor-grade dust particle sensor that can be used to obtain dense dust particles in the atmosphere in a unit volume Degrees, and output the density data as a digital interface. The sensor can be embedded Into a variety of atmospheric concentrations of dust-related instrumentation or environmental improvement equipment for harsh industrial areas, construction sites and other indoor and outdoor applications, to provide timely and accurate concentration data.

Technical Parameters:


PM1000 Series of sensors

Detecting gas

Outdoor dust(PM2.5/PM10)


0-1000ug/m3 or 0-3000ug/m3(customized)

Sampling method

Fan constant current sampling

Particle size resolution



(H)0.001 mg/m3

Response time

< 5 S

Working temperature

(-40℃  - 70℃)


0 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing

Working voltage

4.5-9 VDC




192g (Fan type)


UART(Communication protocol interface compatible)

Life span

3 Years

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