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Henan Weiguo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Henan Weiguo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Main business:

Environmental data perception/ Health cloud/ Environmental data analysis and comprehensive indoor environment improvement solutions

Henan Weiguo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hanwei Technology Group, is a core enterprise in the healthy home sector, carrying the important mission of Hanwei to extend the layout to the consumer IoT. Henan Weiguo Intelligent Technology is focus on the family air health safety perception— "perception + data service".Relying on Hanwei's 20 years of sensor core technology advantages, independent innovation and research and development of health and safety intelligent hardware, through the "intelligent perception terminal + cloud data service" ”, to provide customers with system management solutions and data services based on family safety and health, aiming to provide a healthy and safe living environment for thousands of households.

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