RD-623 big-window Infrared Pyroelectric Sensor

For human body induction or detection application

Applications :

*Safety Alarm
*Electricity Lighting
*House-hold and other smart home fields

Product Advantages:
  • *Big window, and wide detection angle
  • *High sensitivity and excellent signal to noise ratio
  • *High temperature-dependent stability
  • *Strong anti-jamming ability (e.g. vibration, radio-frequency interference etc.)
  • *High value with competitive price
Product Description:

Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor detects the infrared radiation by using the temperature-dependent feature. It suppresses the interference caused by temperature change, adopts the method of dual sensing elements complementary which improves the stability of the sensor. This PIR sensor can be widely used in safety device, burglar alarm, automatic door, auto light control and intelligent toys.

Technical Parameters:
Model No. RD-623
Standard Encapsulation: TO-5
Infrared receiving Electrode 2×1mm, 2 sensitive elements
Window Size: 3.8×5mm
Receiving Wavelength: 5~14µm
Transmittance >75%
Output signal peak[Vp-p] 3500mV
Sensitivity 3200V/W
Detection Rate (D*): 1.4 ×108 cmHz1/2/W
Noise peak[Vp-p]: <70mV
Output balance degree: <10%
Source Voltage: 0.3~1.1V
Working Voltage: 3~15V
Working temperature: -30~70ºC
Storage temperature: -40~80ºC
Incidence angle map:
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