RDB224 Digital Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor

For human body induction or detection application

Applications :

*Security product
*Smart home, IOT terminals
*Intelligent appliance
*Industrial automation control
*Human body induction toys, lamps, and switches

Product Advantages:
  • *Delay time adjustable
  • *High-precision AD signal process
  • *Differential signal input mode, anti-interference ability
  • *Wide voltage power supply(1.5~4.5V) and power consumption
  • *Digital TTL signal output
Product Description:

Digital PIR sensor RDB224, is an integrated design of sensitive element and signal processing chip, packaged sensitive element and IC chip into sensor shield. Sensitive element transfer the human movement signal to high-precision digital chip for data processing. Then the sensor gives digital signal for easy using.

Technical Parameters:
1. Max Limit
Parameter Symbol Min Max Unit Note
Voltage VDD -0.3 4.5 V 25℃
Pin Voltage -0.3 VDD+0.3 V 25℃
Storage temperature TST -40 125
2. Working condition(T=25℃)
Parameter Symbol Min Typical Max Unit Note
Working condition
Voltage VDD 1.5 3 4.5 V Power supply mode
Current IDD 10 uA 10uA @3V@25℃
Sensitivity VSENS 104 uV
Temperature WST -25 85
ONTIME Input Range 0 VDD
ONTIME Input Current VIL 20 nA Pull-down current
Output Pin(REL)
Output drive current IREL -5 5 mA
Block time 2 S
Delay time ONTIME 1 3600 S 16 levels of
Oscillators and filters
Low filter cut-off 7 Hz
High filter cut-off 0.4 Hz
Chip oscillator FCLK 32 KHz
Chip oscillator error FCLK_Err -1000 1000 Ppm/K -20~80℃
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