Smart Granary Escorts Food Safety!

Food can be said to be the top priority related to the lives of ordinary people. From the farmland to the table of thousands of households, food has gone through various links such as planting, harvesting, storage, and processing.

Dec 15,2022

Food can be said to be the top priority related to the lives of ordinary people. From the farmland to the table of thousands of households, food has gone through various links such as planting, harvesting, storage, and processing.

In China, the loss rate of the whole grain chain reaches 8%. Production and harvesting account for about 27% of overall food loss and waste, storage and transport about 33%, processing and packaging about 9%, and consumption about 31%.

In order to better store grain, various localities are also exploring the use of intelligent and information-based means to effectively promote scientific grain storage, save food, and reduce loss. After the grain is put into the warehouse, the most important measure is to kill the stored grain pests. With the transformation and innovation of grain storage management technology, the insecticidal technology in grain storage has also been upgraded from traditional fumigation to nitrogen controlled atmosphere technology.

Smart Granary Escorts Food Safety!

Circulation Fumigation Technology

Circulation fumigation technology is a grain storage technology that promotes the uniform distribution of fumigant gases such as phosphine in the grain heap by forcing the gas circulation in the grain heap to achieve the purpose of effective insecticide.

Circulation Fumigation Technology

When using phosphine to fumigate and kill insects, it is necessary to know the concentration level of phosphine gas (①Check whether the gas in the warehouse reaches the effective concentration and whether the gas distribution is uniform; ②Whether there is any poisonous gas leakage from the warehouse during fumigation; ③When the outer circulation is fumigated, whether there is any poisonous gas leakage in the outer circulation pipeline and related parts of the warehouse; ④Whether the staff can be allowed to work in the warehouse after opening the warehouse and putting in the gas, etc.) in order to ensure the safety of personnel. For example, supplementary spraying is carried out when the concentration is too low during fumigation, timely repair is made when toxic gas leaks, and a signal is sent when phosphine exceeds a safe concentration.

Phosphine fumigation and insecticide should be carried out under the condition of controlled concentration, and it is essential to detect the concentration of phosphine gas during the fumigation process.

Phosphine concentration sensor

 ME3-PH3 Phosphine concentration sensor

Phosphine fumigation technology is mainly chemical control in the prevention and control of stored grain pests. Long-term dependence on phosphine fumigation has also brought many problems. For example, the increase of pest resistance, the risk of environmental pollution, the health hazards to operators, and the inability to meet people's urgent needs for green, pollution-free, pollution-free grain and oil, etc.

Controlled atmosphere grain storage is a recognized green grain storage technology, which can not only ensure grain quality, delay the deterioration of stored grain quality, inhibit the breeding of insects and molds, reduce chemical pollution, but also greatly improve the economic and social benefits of enterprises.

Nitrogen modified atmosphere technology

Nitrogen controlled atmosphere grain storage technology is to separate high-concentration nitrogen from the air, fill it into the air-tightness standard granary through the air supply pipeline, replace the oxygen in the grain pile, and maintain high-concentration nitrogen for a long time. In this case, it is possible to achieve the purpose of safely storing grain such as physical control of insect mold, delaying grain quality deterioration, and inhibiting fever and mold.

The smart granary system is covered with various sensors, which can collect food temperature, humidity and other information at all points of each layer at any time, as well as a variety of functions, such as weather warning, intrusion alarm, human ID, smoking alarm, food situation monitoring, etc., to achieve digital intelligent management, promote loss reduction and quality improvement of granary.

Temperature and humidity sensor

ZS03 ZS05 Temperature and humidity sensor


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