Smart refrigerators are constantly innovating in the cross-border integration of different technologies. The addition of food freshness, human body induction, CO2 modules, allowing temperature control, ingredients management, automatic sterilization, intelligent alarm and other functions to continuously refresh the market for reconstructing future life style.

gas sensor for Refrigerator

In addition to the traditional temperature and humidity testing, the smart refrigerator in the new era must be a combination of various sensors, such as odor sensing and infrared sensing, which can automatically perceive various activities of the outside world, and then judge the types of food, quantity and freshness based on strong computing power.

Winsen technology provides professional temperature and humidity, pyroelectric, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other sensors, making comprehensive solutions for smart refrigerators.

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Infrared Pyroelectric Sensor ZRD-09

ZRD-09 Pyroelectric infrared sensor module adopts high performance PIR sensor, Fresnel lens, Pyroelectric dedicated chip and High-performance voltage regulator circuit. It has the features, as low static power consumption, wide operating voltage, and high sensitivity. It has repeatable and non-repeatable trigger terminal to be selected, thus this module can be set according to the actual demand, convenient to use.

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MEMS H2S Sensor GM-602B

Winsen Electronics produces MEMS H2S gas sensor for Portable and fixed type hydrogen sulfide monitor, and H2S detector.

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MEMS NH3 Sensor GM-802B

MEMS NH3 gas sensor is using MEMS micro-fabrication hot plate on a Si substrate base, gas-sensitive materials used in the clean air with low conductivity metal oxide semiconductor material. When the sensor exposed to gas atmosphere, the conductivity is changing as the detected gas concentration in the air. The higher the concentration of the gas, the higher the conductivity. Use simple circuit can convert the change of conductivity of the gas concentration corresponding to the output signal.

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MEMS Alcohol Sensor ZM03

The digital alcohol module is a low-power, miniaturized module. The module uses a combination of a semiconductor gas sensor and a high-performance microprocessor to detect the gas concentration in the environment. The module has high sensitivity, small size and precision, and adopts I2C digital signal output mode, which is convenient for users to use and debug, and greatly shorten the user's design and development cycle. The module can be widely used in many fields such as environmental safety and portable instruments.

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Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module ZS03

ZS03 is digital type of temperature and humidity module. It employs polymer resistance-type moisture sensor and NTC, and matches SCM with good performance. It has advantages of high quality, quick response, strong anti-interference &etc.

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Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module ZS05

ZS05 temperature and humidity module is a digital signal output temperature and humidity sensor module. It uses dedicated digital module acquisition technology to ensure high reliability and stability. ZS05 adopts standard IIC communication mode, which can be directly connected to IIC communication bus, easy to use

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How to choose the right sensor for your project?

We have 17 sensor series, 200+ categories, and 300+ detection objects for gas detection. Such as CO, CO2, VOC, PM2.5, CH4, LPG and so on. In particular, we also have MEMS sensors. According to your industry application, gas principle, power consumption, accuracy, and range requirements, and we can select a specific model for you. You can also use the product filter below to choose a suitable product, or choose online serivce.

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Is the Dust Sensor Wired when Shipped?

Laser dust is wired, infrared dust is not wired.

How to Install and Place the Infrared Dust Sensor?

It must be installed vertically. Keep away from artificial air flow such as fans. When used in air purifiers, the front and rear of the fan cannot be installed. Optionally install it on one side of the shell, but keep vents on the shell to ensure that the external air can diffuse in.

Can the Two Voltages of Mq-7 Exist All the Time, or Do They Need to Be Powered Alternately? if It is an Alternate Power Supply, What is the Appropriate Power Supply Time?

It requires alternate power supply. Please check the information on the product manual. This sensor is powered by 1.5V and 5V alternately. The low temperature and low voltage (1.5V) state can detect CO, and the high voltage (5V) is the desorption process. The recommended 5V voltage duration is 60s, 1.5V voltage duration is 90s to alternately supply power. Since it is a desorption process at 5V, it is normal for the voltage to drop when CO is 150ppm.
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