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In terms of R&D and production of automotive sensors, Winsen has a professional automotive service team and automotive-grade production lines. Ensure projects are delivered quickly.

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Winsen Automotive Sensor

With the continuous growth of the new energy vehicle market, automotive sensors are also constantly updated and iterated. For this purpose, Winsen has assembled experienced talents in the automotive industry, established a professional automotive business department, and created automotive sensors exclusive to the automotive field.

Winsen automotive sensors are divided into air-conditioning fresh air system gas sensors, power safety system gas sensors, and other system gas sensors.

Winsen technology helps you have more room for development in the automotive field.

Winsen Automotive Sensor Series








(0~1) mg/L

Low consumption 


Automobile alcohol detector


0.04~1%VOL optional

High temperature resistance; High precision


Automobile air

conditioning system


0~1000 ppm

Wide linear range;

High sensitivity


Automobile CO detection



MEMS technology;

Strong structure


Automobile air quality


0~100 %LEL


anti-interference ability


Hydrogen energy safety monitoring

Advantages of Automotive Sensors

Good Selectivity


Butler service

High Sensitivity


Support mobile terminal

Small and Portable


Quick response

Simple Structure


Timely reminder or alarm

Automotive sensors are used in air-conditioning fresh air systems

Healthy cars are people's higher requirements for quality of life in the new era.  When the automotive sensor detects the increase of PM2.5 in the air, the data will be displayed on the display screen (voice broadcast can also be realized at the same time), and the system mode will be automatically switched to purify the air quality of the car. 

Among automotive sensors, the CO2 sensor can prevent fatigue driving and monitor vital signs to prevent the danger left behind; when the AQS sensor detects polluted gas, the system can automatically switch between internal and external circulation to keep the cockpit fresh.

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Automotive sensors are used  in air-conditioning fresh air systems

Automotive sensors are used in power safety systems

Automotive sensors are used in power safety systems

Due to the increasing demand for new energy vehicles in the market consumption, only by paying attention to the safety of vehicle power can the lives of drivers and passengers be guaranteed. Winsen has developed automotive thermal runaway sensors, hydrogen sensors, refrigerant sensors, and other automotive power safety related sensors.

We have a professional automotive sensor research and development team, which can provide you with power safety solutions to meet your different needs.

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Automotive sensors used in other systems

Automotive sensors are the senses of the car. A car is equipped with more than 100 kinds of sensors, and they are helping drivers and passengers to drive the car safely, conveniently and comfortably all the time. Winsen's alcohol sensor has two types: vehicle-mounted and detector. The vehicle-mounted alcohol sensor can be used with the system to create an alcohol lock, so that the driver who is drinking cannot start the car.

What other automotive sensors do you need? Contact us for information.

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Automotive sensors used in other systems

How Winsen guarantees the quality of automotive sensors

Winsen has strong R&D strength. At present, we have more than 100 R&D personnel and more than 500 sets of various production and R&D equipment. Many R&D achievements have passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements in Henan Province and reached the international advanced level. At present, we have more than 100 invention and utility model patents, more than 10 software copyrights, and lead or participate in the formulation of 14 national and industry standards.

Winsen automotive sensors have their own automotive production line. Winsen's products will be aged, calibrated, tested and packaged before delivery from the factory, and then transferred to the warehouse for delivery. If the sensors are placed in the warehouse for more than 7 days, we will calibrate and test them again to ensure the quality of the product.

We can provide you with professional advice in different industries.

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7 sensor series

200 +

200+ categories

300 +

300+ indicator detection

From AR E***r

From AR E***r

the sensor is excellent and the delivery service worked perfectly. Use DHL and it arrived in 12 days, very good delivery service

27 Mar,2023

From EE L***o

From EE L***o

First impressions very positive, easy to use, display perfect and seems to work perfectly.

11 Apr,2023

From RU A***n

From RU A***n

Выглядит симпатично, есть регулировка яркости экрана. Данные ppm более менее совпадают с другими моими датчиками (mh-z19). Можно доверять показаниям co2. Температура и влажность не совпадают с другими датчиками, но очень близкие показания (различие в 1 градус, и до 5% влажности. Точность сойдёт для бытового использования.

18 May,2023

From NL N***n

From NL N***n

Works great and I trust it's accuracy.

25 Mar,2022

From RU V***o

From RU V***o

Item as described. Good seller. Nice to deal with.

18 Mar,2022

From US R***r

From US R***r

Works as replacement for sensor used in Invisiclean. Shipped quickly and was well packaged.

22 Jul,2022

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Automotive Sensor Guide

We have summarized the following questions to help you make better choices.


What alcohol automotive sensors does Winsen have?


According to the detection principle, it is mainly divided into two types: electrochemical type and semiconductor type sensor. Among them, the electrochemical type is mainly suitable for occasions with high precision and low power consumption. The electrochemical types are mainly ME2-C2H5OH-Φ16 and ME2-C2H5OH-13*13 sensors. The semiconductor type is mainly the MQ-3 alcohol sensor.


What is the difference between CO2 automotive sensor MH-V1512A and other CO2 sensors?


The automotive sensor MH-V1512A is dual-channel, high temperature resistant, meets the temperature required by the vehicle, has higher precision, and has a lin output shell.


Does the AQS automotive sensor detect the environment inside or outside the car?


The environment inside the car. When the AQS automotive sensor detects that the air quality in the car is not up to standard, it can automatically switch to external circulation to bring fresh air into the car.


How to calculate the concentration of alcohol in blood?






Can the automotive sensor ME2-CO be used to measure the CO concentration in the underground garage, and the control box will be activated when the concentration exceeds the standard?


Yes, we have experience with such applications.

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