WPCH01 General Type Ceramic Pressure Transmitter

For industrial process control and pressure measurement

Applications :

*Water pump, smart water supplying and dealing device
*Air compressor and air conditioners
*Gas and liquid pressure measurement

Product Advantages:
  • *Small size and light weight
  • *Whole stainless shell and anti-corrosion
  • *4~20mA, 0/1~5/10V, 0.5~4.V singal output optional
Product Description:

WPCH01 general type ceramic pressure transmitter has small size and light weight, it is convenient and easy to install. It adopts pressure sensor made by Winsen and it convert pressure into standard voltage signal output through a high reliable amplifying circuit and accurate temperature compensation circuit.

The whole stainless delicate structure and plastic elements with high-strength enhance its anti-corrosion character, which make the product meet demands in different application occasions. It has various output way and connector, and it also could be customized. It is widely used in water pump, smart water supplying, air compressor, cars, air conditioners, water dealing device, controlling gas and liquid pressure.

Technical Parameters:
Detection range 0.2 MPa 、0.5MPa、1 MPa、2 MPa 、5MPa selectable
Comprehensive accuracy 0.1%FS、0.2%FS、0.5%FS、1.0%FS、2.0%FS(默认)、5.0%FS  
Output signal 4-20mA、0/1-5/10V、0.5-4.5V customizable
Power supplying +5VDC、+12VDC、+24VDC customizable
Structural connection G1/4、G1/2、G1/8、1/4NPT、1/2NPT、M20*1.5、M14*1.5 customizable
Electrical connection Three-pin plug, direct leading wire, Hersman’s joint, aviation plug customizable
Compensation 0-45°C  、0-65°C(defult)、-10-85°C、-20-85°C customizable
Working temperature -20-125°C  
Safe overload 150%  
Ultimate overload 200%  
Long-term stability 0.2%FS/year  
Response time Less than 1ms  
Shell material 304 stainless steel customizable
Protection grade IP65  
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