WPCR01 Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor

For automobile, air conditioning, and process control

Applications :

*Process control, environmental control,
*Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment,
*Chemical industry and medical instruments

Product Advantages:
  • *Ceramic sensitive diaphragm with high overload capacity
  • *Excellent corrosion and wear resistance
  • *Anti shock and anti vibration
Product Description:

WPCR01 ceramic capacitive pressure sensor is a kind of ceramic capacitive pressure sensor refined by thick film process using refined ceramic components. Its overall dimension is Φ 20 * 4.35mm. Ceramic is a kind of material with high elasticity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance and vibration resistance. The good thermal stability of ceramic and high temperature sintering process of thick film make the working temperature range of ceramic pressure sensor as high as - 40 ~ 125 ℃. The high elasticity and creep resistance of ceramics make ceramic pressure sensor have good long-term stability. In addition, due to its corrosion resistance, ceramics have unique advantages in the fields of refrigeration, chemical industry and environmental protection.

Technical Parameters:



Detection range


Safety overload pressure


2 Times

Limit overload pressure

3 Times

Initial capacitance value

8-30pF,Typically 18±5pF

Full scale signal



<±1%FS / Year

Response time


Working temperature


The Latest Manual

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