ZC01 Catalytic Flammable Gas Module

For coal mine use to detect CH4, C3H8 &etc.

Applications :

*It is widely used in industrial occasion to detect the concentration of natural gas, LPG, coal gas and alkanes.

*It is also used in combustible gas leakage alarm system, combustible gas detector and gas concentration meter and so on.

Product Advantages:
  • *Bridge output voltage in linear
  • *Fast response &Long lifespan
  • *Good repeatability and selectivity
  • *Stable and reliable
  • *Resist H2S poisoning & organosilicone.
Product Description:

This ZC01 Module adopts high-stability catalytic gas sensor, high-performance micro-computer processor, and infrared remote adjustment mode, which makes the module with high reliability and simple debugging. Besides, this module have sensor breakdown warning and zero calibration limit functions, avoiding module continuous alarm or no alarm because of the broken sensor. When the methane concentration in air gets higher than the alarm point, it will control the mining lamp to flicker, to remind the workers to ventilate or evacuate timely. When the methane concentration declines to normal point, it will control the mining light recovery the normal lighting status, so that the personnel and property safety is assured and unnecessary loss is avoided.

Technical Parameters:
Parameters Unit Value NOTE
nominal voltage V 3.1-5.0  
nominal working current mA 100±10  
nominal control voltage mA ≤110  
Alarm point vol 1.0% Preset before leaving factory
Alarm error   ≤0.1% CH4 content (0.5-1.0%)
Zero stability   ±0.1%CH4 Max zero drift every week
Response time s ≤20  
Flick Frequency Hz 1±0.2 Rate in air 1:1, CH4 content.0%
2±0.2 Rate in air1:1, CH4 content >1.2%
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