ZH10 Laser Dust All In One Module

May 26,2023

ZH10 is a general-purpose, miniaturized laser dust all-in-one sensor module, which can detect dust particles in the air by using the principle of Mie scattering. Internally integrated MEMS VOC, temperature and humidity sensors, processed through professional algorithms and calibration detection process, the sensor has good consistency and stability.

ZH10  laser dust all-in-one module

Principle Introduction

The laser dust sensor uses a laser LED as the light source. When the fine particles in the air are pushed by the constant flow fan into the area where the laser beam is located, the laser light will be scattered. Position the photodetector so that it only receives scattered light. The electrical signal is generated by the photoelectric effect of the photodetector. After being amplified by the circuit, the fine particle concentration value can be obtained.

Technical Parameters


Particle size range detection


Effective range


Data Refresh Frequency


Detection accuracy

(Test conditions: 25±2°C, 50±10%RH,

TSI8530, cigarettes, GBT18801-2015)


0-100 μg/m³:±10μg/m³;

101-1000μg/m³:±10% of reading


0-100 μg/m³:±25μg/m³;

101-1000μg/m³:±25% of reading

Power-on stabilization time




0-3 level pollution signal

Power-on stabilization time





0~90%RH (no condensation);±5%RH

Output data

UART_TTL output (3.3V level)

PWM output (3.3V level)

Operating voltage

5V±0.5V (DC), ripple≤50mV

Working current


Power saving mode current


Working humidity

15~90%RH (no condensation)

Working temperature


Storage temperature



38×35×12mm (L×W×H)




≥3 years

ZH10 can detect PM2.5, VOC, temperature and humidity indicators at the same time, and the minimum resolution particle diameter is 0.3μm. It has the characteristics of good consistency, real-time response, accurate data, small size, and strong anti-interference ability.


Application field

Laser dust sensor can accurately quantify PM2.5 content. With the improvement of people's attention to indoor air quality, laser dust sensors are embedded in various air detectors, air purifiers, fresh air systems, fresh air air conditioners and other equipment to provide people with a healthy and comfortable home and office environment .

air purifier

Air Purifier

air quality meter

Air Quality Meter

fresh air conditioner

Fresh Air Conditioner

         air purifierpm2.5 detector

Points to note when using ZH10

When using the laser dust sensor, care should be taken to avoid blockage of the air inlet and outlet, avoid placing the sensor in the air duct, and prevent the sensor fan speed from changing, which will affect the measurement accuracy.

How to install ZH10The dust collection hole is the air inlet inside the sensor, which needs to be in good contact with the outside air; the fan installation position is the air outlet inside the sensor. When the sensor is installed and used, avoid strong airflow interference around the sensor; if it cannot be avoided, try to keep the direction of the external airflow perpendicular to the direction of the internal airflow of the sensor.

Arrows indicate airflow perpendicular to the sensor face

ZH10 air inlet directionWhen designing the detection chamber of the whole machine, it is necessary to fully consider the effective area of the sensor sampling port to ensure the smoothness of the sampling gas path as much as possible. Small sampling area and excessive air resistance will seriously affect the accuracy of sensor data.

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