ZM01 MEMS VOC Gas Sensor Module

For environmental monitoring and portable device

Applications :

*Environmental monitoring
*Portable device
*Health care
*Site control

Product Advantages:
  • *MEMS technology
  • *Stable and strong structure
  • *Low power consumption
  • *High sensitivity
  • *Anti-electromagnetic interference
Product Description:

MEMS combustible gas sensor is using MEMS micro-fabrication hot plate on a Si substrate base, gas-sensitive materials used in the clean air with low conductivity metal oxide semiconductor material. When the sensor exposed to gas atmosphere, the conductivity is changing as the detected gas concentration in the air. The higher the concentration of the gas, the higher the conductivity. The sensor has high sensitivity and small size, and adopts I2C digital signal output mode to facilitate the observation of multiple sensor networks. It also pre-sets a pin for alarm trigger signal output, which can be widely used in many fields such as environmental safety and portable instruments.

Technical Parameters:

Working voltage


Working current


Max heating power


Detection range


Output mode

I2C slave mode

Default address


I2C rate


Pull-up resister

Need external

pull-up resistor

The Latest Manual

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