ZP06 Flat-surfaced Semiconductor Methane Module

Methane Module for Vehicle Use

Applications :

*It is used for complete device development of vehicle-mounted flue gas leak alarm to detect the flue gas in the vehicle.

Product Advantages:
  • *High sensitivity
  • *Wide voltage input
  • *Strong anti-jamming capability
  • *Good stability and shock resistance
Product Description:

ZP06 adopts semiconductor sensor, which is designed for vehicle-mounted fuel gas leak alarm. It has the basic functions of vehicle-mounted flue gas leak alarm: electric power lamp, fault lamp, alarm lamp, output signal of working state; It can be installed respectively in the different positions of the vehicle, reducing the development period and guaranteeing high accurate detection.

Technical Parameters:
Detection Gas Natural Gas
Detection range 1~ 25%LEL
Sensor Type Flat surfaced semiconductor
Response Time < 30s
Resume Time < 30s
Working Voltage DC 9~32V
Working Current < 80mA
Output 1 Signal output S
Accuracy At normal temp. ±3%LEL
Expected Life >2 years
Working Environment Temp. :-40~85℃
Humidity :20%~90%RH
Storage Environment Temp. :-20~105℃
Size Diameter33mm*17.5mm
The Latest Manual

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