ZRD-09 PIR Motion Sensor Module

For human body induction or detection application

Applications :

*Security products
*Human body induction toys
*Human body induction lamps, switches, and appliances
*Industrial automatic controlling

Product Advantages:
  • *Automatic Induction
  • *Photo-resistor control(optional, not set at factory)
  • *Two trigger modes: L, non-repeatable trigger; H, repeatable trigger
  • *Induction blocking time(default setting as 3-4 second)
  • *High-level output
Product Description:

ZRD-09 Pyroelectric infrared sensor module adopts high performance PIR sensor, Fresnel lens, Pyroelectric dedicated chip and High-performance voltage regulator circuit. It has the features, as low static power consumption, wide operating voltage, and high sensitivity. It has repeatable and non-repeatable trigger terminal to be selected, thus this module can be set according to the actual demand, convenient to use.

Technical Parameters:

Working Voltage

5~20V DC

Static Current

<65µA, @5V

Level Output

High Level, 3V; Low Level, 0V

Trigger Mode


Delay Time


Blocking Time

Default as 4S

PCB Size


Detection Angle

00°(Depend on the Lens)

Working Temperature

-10℃ ~ +70℃

Fresnel Lens Size

Diameter 23mm(default)

Detection Distance


The Latest Manual

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