Sensor in the Agriculture Industry

Winsen sensor solutions enable small and medium-sized enterprises to benefit from the advantages of automatically regulating their breeding and cultivation environments. With flexible sensor units, you can choose any parameter you want to measure and easily integrate modules to make your production precise.

A Turning Point in Agriculture

The development of agriculture has always been the guarantee of people's livelihood. Agricultural development is faced with new challenges such as the "ceiling" of agricultural product prices, the rise of the "floor" of production costs, and the intensification of "hard constraints" on resources and the environment, this has also led to a rethinking of agricultural production worldwide. Especially in developing countries, agriculture is transforming from a labor-intensive industry to a technology-intensive industry. Large-scale operation or refined operation are all developing in the direction of high input and high output.

Sensor Provides Relief for Employees

Winsen Technology has been focusing on sensor technology for 20 years, always looking for solutions for different applications. The goal is to help farmers increase their income and improve the stable yield and quality assurance of crops. For agricultural greenhouses, we have successfully used CO2 sensors to control the amount and time of air fertilizer use, taking into account the differences in carbon dioxide concentration caused by time and place inside and outside the greenhouse and in the morning and evening, as well as the environment with high humidity in the greenhouse, provides high humidity resistant, adjustable CO2 sensor.

Further Thoughts on Agriculture Greenhouse

The leading agricultural solution in the future must be a visual system that links the control equipment with integrated modules as the core. As a pioneer of sensor solutions and IoT, Winsen has leading technologies, production processes, and sensor products. Excellent quality in every field of application: We offer you high-tech gas sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, water quality sensor products that optimally complement the work of your employees. With our holistic view of the production chain of farming and aquaculture, we help you to tap further automation options - and to strengthen you sustainably for the competition.

Here You Can Find All Winsen Agriculture Industry Solutions

Winsen is a sensor expert in the agriculture industry. The R&D team of more than 100 people support you to further develop your products, with customized production and service concepts. Farmers cannot always perceive the subtle changes in the growing environment of crops, aquatic products and poultry. Scientific environmental monitoring can directly help farmers increase production and reduce management costs. Winsen's high-quality gas sensors and water quality sensors provide farmers with real-time information of changes in the production environment. Through the linkage of the controller and other control equipment to realize modern agricultural production.


With our dedicated knowledge and experience in gas sensors, we are happy to advise and work with you to find the perfect solution for your specific sensing requirements.

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The application of ammonia sensors in different industries

Many people may not know much about ammonia, but they must have smelled it. There are ammonia existence in unclean toilets, crowded people etc. As a "useful" and "toxic" gas, ammonia gas exists in all walks of life, and sensors used to measure ammonia gas are also widely used in different industries.

The application of PM2.5 sensors in different industries

Fine particles are also called PM2.5. Fine particles refer to particles with a diameter of air dynamic equivalent in the ambient air less than or equal to 2.5 microns. It can be suspended in the air for a long time. The higher the concentration in the air, the more severe the air pollution is. The impact of PM2.5 on the atmospheric environment and human health is also greater, which is the main murderer who leads to black lungs and haze days.

The application of MEMS sensors in different industries

MEMS sensor is a cutting -edge research field developed on the basis of microelectronics technology. After more than forty years, it has become one of the major scientific and technological fields of the world. It involves a variety of disciplines and technologies such as electronics, machinery, materials, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, etc., and has broad application prospects.

The application of infrared gas sensors in different industries

Compared with other types of gas sensors, infrared gas sensors have a lot of advantages, such as good selectivity, long life, no dependence of oxygen, small interference by the environment, not easy to poison, high accuracy, etc. With the development of sensing technology, more and more advanced infrared gas sensors have appeared on the market.

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