Stratrgy of Winsen

“Sensor Application Cloud”

A Ecosystem Strategy focused on IoT Vertical Industry

Winsen leads the trends of Sensor IoT future

Winsen leads the trends of Sensor IoT future

Human beings have increasing demand for high-quality office and home. Healthy life is constantly being redefined. Environmental pollution is our common difficulty. The whole world attaches importance to environmental testing and governance, and hopes to fundamentally maintain the sustainable development of human beings. As a mechanical perception organ, Sensor is a decisive component.

Focus on the IoT vertical industry

IoT strengthens our dream of “being a Great Enterprise": IoT is riding the tide of hundreds of trillions of global markets, bringing us infinite possibilities.

The vertical industry indicates the direction of "being a Great Enterprise": the vertical industry is the most active head-market in the IoT: smart cities, smart factories, smart environmental protection, IoV, smart medical, smart families and other fields. Emerge. The real needs, scale and purchasing power of the vertical industry clarifies the direction of being "Great Enterprises".

4 major runways of “being a great enterprise”: we have seized the historical opportunities of the early IoT, and surrounded by the areas that we are familiar with and good at. Based on customer integration, product integration, a new generation of technologies such as sensors, smart hardware, cloud computing and geographical information are closely integrated and jointly build the four major runways of smart cities, safety production, environmental protection, and people's livelihood health, which is the realistic path to being a great enterprise.

Dedication is keep focus and professional. Keep focus is to expand on the basis of familiar industries and customers, and continuously expand the vertical industry. We adhere to the development of the toB business, and extend to toC terminal based on the target industry as positive attempt. Maintaining professionalism is to build barriers with professional knowledge, experience and technical capabilities, forming overall advantages.

Create toB and toC platforms

ToB platforms can be reused and synchronized between different industries and different customers, and ensure that each customer's system is independent, secure, and closed. toC platforms are open, and help our industry customers understand consumer demands’ change in a better way. We have created both toB and toC platforms ,that are independent and mutually promoted, to form a differentiated advantage of cross -border giant pan -industry single platform.

Create toB and toC platforms
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