Sensor in the Smart Home Appliance Industry

We offer you the best sensor products for smart furniture. With our 25 years of technical experience in sensors, especially in gas sensors, we help you discover more business opportunities and continue to strengthen your advantage in the competition. Winsen strives to provide precise solutions to all customers.

Challenges in the Smart Home Appliance Industry

The smart home appliance industry is very dynamic and requires extreme flexibility and adaptability from sensor manufacturers. At present, the sensors used in smart homes appliance are mainly used in two aspects: improving home security capabilities and improving gas environment perception.

In home security, these sensors are mainly used in combustible gas alarm, water heater, infrared detection alarm and other equipment to provide early warning or alarm for gas leakage and illegal intrusion that may exist in family life to ensure life safety.

As people pay more attention to indoor air quality, air pollution in the home environment and odors during the use of refrigerators and washing machines have also received more attention. As the core component for detecting odors, gas sensors are not only used in air conditioner, ventilationair purifier and other products, but also integrated into air boxes for gas detection. As the home appliance industry continues to upgrade towards intelligence, the application of gas sensors will be more abundant.

At present, air conditioners, air purifiers and other equipment on the market have added gas detection modules for volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene, which are used to link the equipment to automatically turn on the air purification, while satisfying pollution detection and pollution control. There are also some high-end refrigerators that use gas sensors to sense the gas released from spoiled food, analyze the freshness of fruits and vegetables, and even combine AI algorithms to sense odors to achieve food preservation and intelligent deodorization. The fusion of various sensor technologies has provided reliable data support for air purifiers, fresh air systems, smart air conditioners and other equipment, creating a comfortable and healthy home for us.

Ruiling Liu, CEO Winsen Technology

For our customers in the smart home appliance industry, we bundle all Winsen competencies, from customization to testing to service. With Winsen, they always have a reliable partner they can count on.

Ruiling Liu, CEO Winsen Technology

Future-oriented Sensor Solutions for the Smart Home Appliance Industry

The innovative application of gas sensors in the field of home appliances is being continuously developed with the advent of the Internet of Things era. Not only does the demand increase sharply, but the focus of development also shows that it is inclined to the field of MEMS with higher technology. Compared with traditional sensors, MEMS sensors are small in size, light in weight, light in power consumption, easy to integrate, and more suitable for the development of intelligent electrical appliances.

Future-oriented Sensor Solutions for the Smart Home Appliance Industry

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Winsen is a sensor expert in the smart home appliance industry. The R&D team of more than 100 people support you to further develop your products, with customized production and service concepts. Winsen sensors can quickly detect combustible gases and indoor air pollution, and are integrated into various electrical equipment through control panels to ensure your safety and health.


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The application of PIR motion sensor

PIR motion sensors can be seen everywhere in our life. It is widely used in automatic sensing doors, lamps, switches; smart electrical appliances; anti-intrusion alarm systems; intercom systems, etc.

The application of ammonia sensors in different industries

Many people may not know much about ammonia, but they must have smelled it. There are ammonia existence in unclean toilets, crowded people etc. As a "useful" and "toxic" gas, ammonia gas exists in all walks of life, and sensors used to measure ammonia gas are also widely used in different industries.

The application of PM2.5 sensors in different industries

Fine particles are also called PM2.5. Fine particles refer to particles with a diameter of air dynamic equivalent in the ambient air less than or equal to 2.5 microns. It can be suspended in the air for a long time. The higher the concentration in the air, the more severe the air pollution is. The impact of PM2.5 on the atmospheric environment and human health is also greater, which is the main murderer who leads to black lungs and haze days.

The application of MEMS sensors in different industries

MEMS sensor is a cutting -edge research field developed on the basis of microelectronics technology. After more than forty years, it has become one of the major scientific and technological fields of the world. It involves a variety of disciplines and technologies such as electronics, machinery, materials, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, etc., and has broad application prospects.

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