Industrial Combustible Gas Alarm

In the process of industrial use of combustible gas, if the combustible gas is in an incomplete combustion state or has gas leakage, etc., the combustible gas will cause personnel poisoning or fire accidents, directly threatening the life safety of personnel. Therefore, it is necessary to install an industrial-grade gas alarm. If the gas exceeds the standard in the on-site environment, the alarm can give an early warning, thereby reducing the probability of danger.

There are many types of combustible gases in the industrial field. Generally speaking, sensors are used in portable detectors or online detectors. There are also various options for different detection objects and application.

The infrared principle is suitable for the detection of hydrocarbons.

The catalytic principle is suitable for the detection of combustible and explosive gases or organic vapors within the lower explosion limit of petroleum, chemical and other industrial fields.

Winsen technology industrial gas sensor has a wide range, multi-range optional, high sensitivity, and a variety of sensors have passed the explosion-proof certificate. Detectable gases include: alkane gases, enyne gases, organic vapors such as alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, benzene, toluene, xylene, gasoline, and diesel.



Flat Semiconductor Refrigerant Sensor WSP1110 (Suspended)

WSP1110 NO2 gas sensor adopts multilayer thick film manufacturing technology. The heater and metal oxide semiconductor material on the ceramic substrate of subminiature Al2O3 are fetched out by electrode down-lead, encapsulated in metal socket and cap. Conductivity of the sensor is affected by the concentration of target gas. The higher the concentration is, the higher conductivity of sensor gets. Users can adopt simple circuit to convert variation of conductivity into output signal corresponding to gas concentration.

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Flat Semiconductor Refrigerant Sensor ZP201

ZP201 refrigerant gas detection module adopts advanced multi-layer thick film manufacturing process semiconductor gas sensor element. The gas sensor element contains a filter adsorption layer to reduce the interference of alcohol and other gases, and has extremely high sensitivity to refrigerant gas. The module has been aged , calibration, calibration, with good consistency and high sensitivity.

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Flat Semiconductor Integrated Gas Sensor ZP16

ZP16 air-quality module adopts flat surface semiconductor gas sensor. The module has good sensitivity to volatile organic gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen, alcohol and smoke of cigarette, essence &etc. The module has been aging, debugged, adjusted and calibrated. So it has good consistency and high sensitivity.

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Flat Semiconductor Methane Sensor ZP14

ZP14-V2.0 adopts plat surfaced semiconductor sensor and it has basic functions of household gas leak alarm: status indicator, buzzer, relay, output signal of electromagnetic valve; it also supplying resetting for alarm point. This module can be used for complete device development of household gas leak alarm.

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Flat Semiconductor Combustible Gas Sensor ZP13

ZP13 adopts advanced plat surfaced semiconductor sensor. It is highly sensitive to smoke, propane &etc gases. The module is calibrated and has good  uniformity and highly sensitivity.

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How to choose the right sensor for your project?

We have 17 sensor series, 200+ categories, and 300+ detection objects for gas detection. Such as CO, CO2, VOC, PM2.5, CH4, LPG and so on. In particular, we also have MEMS sensors. According to your industry application, gas principle, power consumption, accuracy, and range requirements, and we can select a specific model for you. You can also use the product filter below to choose a suitable product, or choose online serivce.

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Is the Dust Sensor Wired when Shipped?

Laser dust is wired, infrared dust is not wired.

How to Install and Place the Infrared Dust Sensor?

It must be installed vertically. Keep away from artificial air flow such as fans. When used in air purifiers, the front and rear of the fan cannot be installed. Optionally install it on one side of the shell, but keep vents on the shell to ensure that the external air can diffuse in.

Can the Two Voltages of Mq-7 Exist All the Time, or Do They Need to Be Powered Alternately? if It is an Alternate Power Supply, What is the Appropriate Power Supply Time?

It requires alternate power supply. Please check the information on the product manual. This sensor is powered by 1.5V and 5V alternately. The low temperature and low voltage (1.5V) state can detect CO, and the high voltage (5V) is the desorption process. The recommended 5V voltage duration is 60s, 1.5V voltage duration is 90s to alternately supply power. Since it is a desorption process at 5V, it is normal for the voltage to drop when CO is 150ppm.
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