Sensors in the Alarm Industry

The alarm industry is one of the most important industries. Winsen sensors with good quality and high-cost performance occupy a certain market share in the field of gas alarms. It requires perfection down to the fastest reaction and top performance in difficult, sometimes extreme working conditions. For industrial mines working conditions, we provide sensors with explosion-proof certificate.

High Demands in the Gas Alarm Industry

Alarms have increased demands on response time and stability. For household gas alarms, the most critical performance index is that it requires high sensitivity to the detected gas, and must have high stability and anti-interference. It is quickly detected in 2-3 seconds and will not be affected by kitchen fumes. We generally use semiconductor-type and catalytic combustion-type sensors as detection elements. Among them, semiconductor-type combustible gas sensors have a lower detection limit and a longer service life. You don’t need to manage your sensor in the next 10 years as it is still precise. In addition, there is only gas adsorption and desorption in the detection process. Serious oil fume in the kitchen rarely remains on the surface of sensitive materials, which will not affect the actual service life. It is the best choice for household alarms.

Ruiling Liu, CEO Winsen Technology

Winsen is always quality-oriented, our combustible gas solutions after nearly 20 years of good market validation,which has high reliability, very suitable for alarm manufacturers who pursue more safety,faster and more economic.

Ruiling Liu, CEO Winsen Technology

The Same Measured CO, the Different Measurement Methods

CO is harmful to the human body and can cause irreversible damage to internal organs. When monitoring CO, the sensors selected for different fields are also different: the automotive industry needs qualitative monitoring, and semiconductor CO sensors are often used, which requires high reliability and long life. The industrial industry needs quantitative monitoring, using electrochemistry CO sensor, with high precision, and can adapt to the harsh industrial environment.

Future-oriented Sensor Solutions for the Smart Home Appliance Industry

Here You Can Find All Winsen Alarm Industry Solutions

Winsen is a sensor expert in the air alarm industry. The R&D of more than 100 people support you to further develop your products, with customized production and service concepts. With rich experience in combustible gas (CH4, C3H8, H2, etc.), toxic and harmful gas (CO, H2S, SO2, etc.) alarm application, Winsen provides a full set of sensor solutions with strong selectivity and anti-interference ability for portable and fixed alarm for home or industrial places. Effectively prevent the occurrence of poisoning accidents and gas explosions, to ensure the life safety of people.


With our dedicated knowledge and experience in gas sensors, we are happy to advise and work with you to find the perfect solution for your specific sensing requirements.

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The application of PIR motion sensor

PIR motion sensors can be seen everywhere in our life. It is widely used in automatic sensing doors, lamps, switches; smart electrical appliances; anti-intrusion alarm systems; intercom systems, etc.

The application of ammonia sensors in different industries

Many people may not know much about ammonia, but they must have smelled it. There are ammonia existence in unclean toilets, crowded people etc. As a "useful" and "toxic" gas, ammonia gas exists in all walks of life, and sensors used to measure ammonia gas are also widely used in different industries.

The application of PM2.5 sensors in different industries

Fine particles are also called PM2.5. Fine particles refer to particles with a diameter of air dynamic equivalent in the ambient air less than or equal to 2.5 microns. It can be suspended in the air for a long time. The higher the concentration in the air, the more severe the air pollution is. The impact of PM2.5 on the atmospheric environment and human health is also greater, which is the main murderer who leads to black lungs and haze days.

The application of MEMS sensors in different industries

MEMS sensor is a cutting -edge research field developed on the basis of microelectronics technology. After more than forty years, it has become one of the major scientific and technological fields of the world. It involves a variety of disciplines and technologies such as electronics, machinery, materials, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, etc., and has broad application prospects.

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