Culture of Winsen

Internet of Things, Sensing First.

Winsen mission

Perceive the world and pass our dreams. Create new value for production and life.

 Making all things conscious is the new dream of human beings to liberate themselves. From the industrial revolution to the information revolution, human beings have been pursuing to make all things intelligent, and to liberate human physical and mental power. The intelligent information revolution represented by the Internet of Things is making dreams come true

Making all things conscious is to realize the intelligent interaction of all things. Winsen is committed to innovate and apply new technologies such as sensing, informatization, automation, etc. Holographic sensing the state of all things, make them detectable, controllable, optimizable, and then to be intelligent. Realize the all-round synchronous intelligent interaction between people and things, things and things.

Making all things conscious. Let the digital world and the physical world be integrated, let the production world and the living world activate their potential and benefit everyone.

Awaken life and make life within reach.  Winsen makes life more human, redefines activities such as eating, wearing, living, traveling, learning, and sports, and drives the interaction mode, interaction scene, interaction frequency and experience value of the living world, so that people can experience a healthier, more convenient, more comfortable and safer life anytime, anywhere.

Green Winsen

Winsen create meaningful change that’s good for business, society and the planet. Winsen implement the concept of energy conservation,to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and tackle climate change.

Green Winsen

Everyone has the right to have safe water, clean air, and a living environment free of waste and pollutants. For Winsen, energy saving and emission reduction is not just a goal or a certificate, it is a concept. We believe that we have a responsibility to reduce waste at every stage of a product's life cycle, from design, manufacturing, to end-of-life. Moreover, our products themselves are for more enterprises to achieve green production.

Winsen attaches great importance to and promotes environmental protection, energy saving, production safety, public health and other work. Take the initiative to prevent and eliminate the public's hidden worries about energy, resource consumption and environmental protection. The company attaches great importance to environmental protection and energy saving and consumption reduction, implements "turn off the air conditioner half an hour in advance" and " set air conditioning a constant temperature", and designs low-power consumption sensors to eliminate the public's hidden worries about energy and the environment.

The company has passed GB/T24001 Environmental Management System Certification, GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, and CE Certification, and continues to improve according to system standards.


In the process of creating a safe, environmentally friendly, healthy and intelligent working and living environment for people, Winsen not only pays attention to the development of the enterprise itself and the improvement of the humanistic quality of the enterprise, but also works as a social citizen. Winsen also actively participates in social activities in humanistic education. "Hanwei Innovation Fund", "Postgraduate Innovation Practice Base", "Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program", the construction of out-of-school education bases in primary and secondary schools, support for the Chinese University Internet of Things Innovation Competition, etc., and actively fulfill the core values of "responsibility, innovation, and happiness”, to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of citizens for the development of social and humanistic education.

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