How to choose CO2 sensors in different fields?

Mar 28,2023

CO2 sensors are closely related to our life. CO2 gas exists everywhere in our atmosphere. but you know what? The level of CO2 concentration often determines our life. Therefore, in all walks of life, CO2 concentration detection is particularly important.

1. CO2 sensors in civilian fields & Commercial field

Civil and commercial fields often refer to homes, shopping malls, hospitals, cars, schools, etc. CO2 sensors are usually integrated into fresh air systems, air purifiers, air conditioners, detectors and other equipment together with other sensors (dust sensor, voc sensor, etc.).
CO2 sensors used in the civilian field often do not require high accuracy and only need level display, so you can choose CO2 sensors with long life, low cost, slightly lower accuracy, and single channel, such as MH-Z19E and MG811.
CO2 sensors used in the commercial field pay more attention to stability, anti-interference, and accuracy, such as MH-Z19C and MH-Z16.
CO2 sensor for civilian and Commercial

2. Agricultural greenhouses, breeding houses

The agricultural field is also slowly developing towards intelligence. A suitable living environment can make crops yield higher and grow stronger.
Dust-proof, moisture-proof, dual-channel CO2 sensors are suitable for use in the fields of agriculture and breeding houses. This is because the environment of agriculture and breeding houses is harsh. One more channel can ensure the accuracy of the data. Here, we recommend MH-Z14B.
CO2 sensor for Agricultural greenhouses, breeding houses

3. Industrial safety

CO2 sensors in the industrial field are mainly used for wastewater treatment, safety production, and underground operations. Especially for underground operations, through the concentration of CO2 gas, it can be judged whether the environment needs to be ventilated and whether the personnel need to be evacuated.
CO2 sensors used in the industrial field have extremely high performance requirements, and explosion protection is the top priority. Both MH-711A and MH-712B can meet the requirements of the above scenarios.

CO2 sensor for industrial safety

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