Smart Fire Sensor Solutions

May 05,2023

With the advent of summer, the consumption of electricity and gas increases, and the fire risk increases accordingly. This accident has once again sounded the alarm for the whole society. Safety is no small matter, and fire safety must be paid attention to!

In the urban risk monitoring and perception network, fire safety is one of the important components. At present, smart fire protection has become the mainstream and outlet of the entire fire protection industry.

What is smart fire protection?

Smart fire protection mainly uses the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, etc. to form a complete system to create a back-end smart fire protection application management system that integrates prevention, extinguishment, and management, and realizes early disposal of hidden dangers, command and dispatch, and analysis. Evaluate the three major functions in real time, effectively avoiding casualties and property losses.

In the era of intelligent management, accurate risk warning has always been the cornerstone of fire prevention, and it is also the focus and difficulty of intelligent fire protection, which needs to test the basic perception ability of the system. Sensor technology plays the role of sensing risk and acting as a "sentinel" in the whole system, which is the key to solving this problem.

In the intelligent fire protection system, various types of sensors such as flammable gas sensors, toxic and harmful gas sensors, flame sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, etc. Precise management and control of equipment, sprinkler equipment, etc., to achieve real-time collection, transmission and processing of information in the site, which is promising in daily fire hazard investigation, early warning of fire, and fire rescue instructions.

What is smart fire protection?

What sensors will smart fire protection use?

Combustible gas sensors

Combustible gas sensors can effectively identify combustible gases such as gas and natural gas, detect them quickly and accurately, and report data in a timely manner. Cloud APP, phone calls and text messages provide early warning notifications, and remote viewing of on-site conditions through video, automatic or manual remote linkage to close gas valves , remotely turn on the fire blower to avoid greater losses.

MQ-4 Semiconductor combustible gas sensor

MQ-4 Semiconductor combustible gas sensor

Flame sensors

In intelligent fire protection, flame detectors are mainly used for debugging, acceptance and maintenance inspection of automatic fire alarm systems. The infrared flame detector is a flame detection technology based on the pyroelectric effect of the pyroelectric sensor, which uses the pyroelectric infrared sensor as the core induction, and uses the infrared pyroelectric sensor as the sensitive element to receive the infrared information of the flame combustion radiation and convert it into voltage signal.

It is widely used in various oil storage stations, large warehouses, factory workshops, forests, charging piles and other places. It is a standard configuration for high-fire-risk areas such as petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, forests, and garages. It is also used in high-end residential, commercial, and general industries. field is gradually gaining popularity.

RD-913FB4 Infrared pyroelectric Flame sensor

RD-913FB4 Infrared pyroelectric Flame sensor

Pressure sensor

Based on the data collected by the pressure sensor, the indoor fire hydrant, the pressure at the end of the sprinkler pipe, the liquid level of the fire water tank, and the fire pool can be detected in real time. Early warning, automatically close the fire water valve. At the same time, when a fire occurs, the sprinkler system can be linked remotely to automatically turn on the fire pump, which improves the fire rescue time from minutes to seconds, saving fire rescue time and preventing the fire from spreading.

WPAK63 General Purpose Isolation Film Pressure Sensor

WPAK63 General Purpose Isolation Film Pressure Sensor

Thermopile sensor

The electrical fire monitoring system is a monitoring system specially aimed at the power supply network. It monitors and judges in real time the abnormal conditions of the entire power supply network of the building, such as wire leakage, high wire temperature, and current/voltage overload. Send out an alarm signal, cut off the fault line when necessary, and change "passive work" into "active prevention".

MRTD-3011 digital thermopile temperature sensor

MRTD-3011 digital thermopile temperature sensor

At this stage, smart fire protection has been applied in many places. With the development and popularization of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, 5G, and artificial intelligence, it also provides strong support for the development of smart fire protection.

Various sensors in fire protection system

Sensing empowerment, from "elimination" to "prevention". Sensors are not only the core technology of big data technology, but also the basis for building smart fire protection. Only by giving full play to the sensing advantages of sensors and realizing early warning in advance, can fire prevention and control go from "elimination" after traditional occurrences to "prevention" before occurrences, and scientifically and efficiently improve fire early warning management capabilities.

Application places of intelligent fire protection

● Key enterprises and large commercial complexes

● "nine of small places" such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, shops, restaurants, hotels, singing and dancing entertainment places, Internet cafes, beauty bathing places, production and processing enterprises, etc.

● A "three-in-one" place where one or several purposes such as accommodation and production, storage, and business are mixed and set up in the same connected space

● Nursing homes, welfare homes, service agencies for the disabled, and other residential and activity venues for the disabled and "empty-nesters"

● Work and living places where people gather, such as office buildings and public areas.

In the future, we look forward to integrating sensor technology and various technical means to reduce the occurrence of fire accidents and protect the safety of the whole society.

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