US3000 Ultrasonic Ranging Module

May 18,2023

New Product Recommendation | US3000 Ultrasonic Ranging Module

US3000US3000 is a high-precision miniature ranging sensor module. The module uses a miniature ultra-low power transducer chip with patented MEMS packaging technology. Based on the ultrasonic time-of-flight (TOF) principle, coupled with related acoustics, electricity and algorithm design, it can achieve high-precision distance measurement through the energy difference of ultrasonic echo signals, and output millimeter-level distance information, which can also be used to distinguish soft and hard materials.

Introduction to the Principle of Ultrasonic Ranging

Principle of Ultrasonic RangingUltrasonic ranging is by continuously detecting the echoes reflected by obstacles encountered after ultrasonic emission. By measuring the time difference T between transmitting and receiving echoes, the distance S=CT/2 can be obtained. C is the propagation speed of ultrasonic waves in air.

Since ultrasonic is also a kind of sound wave, its sound velocity C is related to temperature. In use, if the temperature does not change much, it can be considered that the speed of sound is basically constant. If the distance measurement accuracy is very high, it should be corrected by temperature compensation. After the speed of sound is determined, as long as the round-trip time of the ultrasonic wave is measured, the distance can be obtained. This is the mechanism of ultrasonic ranging.

 the mechanism of ultrasonic ranging

US3000 Product Features

1  Millimeter-level ranging error, excellent ranging stability, low power consumption, and long service life

2  Can identify soft and hard materials, and can output through the serial port

3  The detectable distance is 20mm ~ 60mm

Application of Ultrasonic Ranging

Ultrasonic technology has found its way into a wide range of applications, perhaps the largest in proximity detection and distance measurement. Others include liquid level detection in storage tanks, flow measurement systems and imaging products. Most of the newer applications are targeting consumer electronics, automotive and industrial/robotics.

Ultrasonic sensors applied to sweeping robots

Ultrasonic sensors applied to sweeping robots

Ultrasonic Sensors for Oil Tank Level Detection

Ultrasonic Sensors for Oil Tank Level Detection

Ultrasonic sensor applied to AGV

Ultrasonic sensor applied to AGV

Ultrasonic sensor applied to reversing radar

Ultrasonic sensor applied to reversing radar

Typical application of US3000

01 The ground cleaning robot recognizes the soft and hard materials on the ground and obtains ground information

02 Identify liquid levels and other flat material heights

03 Proximity detection of close contact or non-contact moving machinery, etc.

US3000 Technical Parameters

project value unit Remark
Ranging frequency 100 Hz  
Range 20-60 mm  
Working voltage (DC) 3.3±0.1 V Too low voltage affects ranging performance
Excessive voltage damages equipment
voltage ripple ≤90 mV High Ripple Affects Ranging Performance
Working current ≤50 mA  
range of working temperature -10-50 Do not work in high humidity condensing environment

Precautions for use:

1. The module should avoid pollution from organic solvents (including silica gel and other adhesives), coatings, chemicals, and oils.

2. The module cannot withstand excessive impact or vibration.

3. Do not apply this module to systems involving personal safety.

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