What module of dual-channel CO2 sensor does Winsen have?

Apr 03,2023

Winsen dual-channel CO2 sensors include MH-Z14B, MH-Z16, MH-711A, MH-410D, etc.

The dual-channel CO2 sensor can acquire the data of the measurement channel and the reference channel at the same time. The two channels can effectively subtract the influence of factors such as light source aging and gas chamber pollution on the sensor, so as to achieve better long-term stability. It is suitable for closed, poorly ventilated or unventilated places. Such as agricultural greenhouses, greenhouses, incubators, cold storage, garages, etc. The ceiling-mounted fresh air system installed in the garage usually uses a dual-channel CO2 sensor.

The biggest advantage of the dual-channel CO2 sensor over the single-channel is the self-correction function. All infrared lamp beads will attenuate after working for a period of time. At this time, the self-correction function is particularly important. Because the single-channel sensor has no self-correction function, it needs to be taken outside to measure the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere after a period of use for rough correction. Dual-channel sensors do not need to perform this step, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources. Although the dual-channel sensor has obvious advantages, its price is also slightly higher than that of the single-channel sensor, because there is an extra set of thermopile and optical filter inside it, which increases the cost a lot and naturally the price will rise.

Winsen single channel CO2 sensor uses a 4.26um filter and a sensitive source. Winsen dual-channel CO2 sensor uses a 4.26um filter, a 3.91um filter (reference correction channel), and two sensitive sources.


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