PID sensor module ZI01

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ZI01 is a high-performance PID sensor module, which adopts PID sensor and high-performance microprocessor. The target gas is bombarded with ultraviolet light generated by an ion lamp. Then gas is illuminated by the ultraviolet light produced by ion lamp, which will be ionized after absorbing enough ultraviolet light energy. Concentration of the target gas can be detected by measuring the tiny current generated by gas ionization.
The module can accurately measure the concentration of a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the environment. It has digital output and analog voltage output, which is convenient for users to use and debug, and greatly reduces the design and development cycle for users. It perfectly combines PID sensor and circuit to meet the needs of customers for field detection.

Main Application
It is widely applicable to portable and fixed gas detectors, as well as various occasions and equipment requiring VOC gas detection.
◆ Emergency response      
◆ Industrial hygiene
◆ Personnel safety         
◆ VOCs detection
◆ Environmental quality monitoring
◆ Oil and petrochemical safety
◆ Soil pollution and treatment


* High sensitivity and resolution
* Small sizes
* UART and analog voltage signal output mode
* High stability;
* Strong anti-interference ability

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Pollution Source Detection

The septic tank is a device for processing feces and filtering. The principle is that the solidified material is decomposed at the bottom of the pool, and the hydrated objects in the upper layer enter the pipeline and flow away, preventing the pipeline from clogging and providing solidified objects (feces and other garbage)with enough time to hydrolyze.


Petrochemical Industry Toxic Gas Monitoring

The energy provided by the petrochemical industry is mainly used as fuel for automobiles, tractors, airplanes, ships and boilers. At the same time, refinery enterprises provide various chemical raw materials for the chemical industry, and flammable gas also enters thousands of households.


Other Detector

Formaldehyde detector is an instrument for detecting formaldehyde. Generally, semiconductor sensors and electrochemical sensors are used to realize the rapid semi-quantification of formaldehyde in indoor air on the spot, which is characterized by simple structure, small size, intuitive,easy to carry and use.


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Specification Product Size

Technical Data Sheet

Model No.


Detection Gas


Detection Range

Subject to table2.

Working voltage

DC 5±0.1 V

Working current

<30 mA

Output signal

UART (TTL level 3.3 V)

Analog voltage(The raw amplified signal of the sensor is shown in Table 2)


3 years (Excludes sensor bulb and electrode cover)

Working environment

Temperature: -40~55℃

Humidity: 0%~95%RH(No condensation)


ø23.3mm*32.3mm (Profile diameter * Profile height)


<20 g

Detection range and Signal output

Detection Range














VONormal voltage range







Response time(T90)








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As a pioneer in gas sensor based solutions with the advanced processes, technologies and products, Winsen offers a wide range of gas sensors:


As a pioneer in gas sensor based solutions with the advanced processes, technologies and products, Winsen offers a wide range of gas sensors:


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