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Zhengzhou Yidu Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Yidu Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.

Main business:

Design, develop, manufacture and sell acceleration, velocity, displacement and other sensors and related instruments

Yidu Sensing is a young company rooted in China with an international vision. The company focuses on the design, research and development, manufacturing and sales of acceleration, velocity, displacement and other sensors and related instruments. Adhering to the concept of "Made in China", Yidu Sensing independently designed special piezoelectric ceramic materials, and developed various vibration and shock sensors, displacement sensors, speed sensors, and various high-quality and efficient sensor systems and solutions. The products are mainly used in industrial and mining enterprises, wind power, bridge construction, rail transit, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and other fields, as well as in the production and use of water pumps, steam turbines, compressors, large construction machinery and other enterprises and industrial sites.

Yidu Sensing is committed to becoming "a leading provider of equipment and facility health management solutions with perception as the core", adhering to the concept of "pursuing excellence and achieving perfection" to provide customers with professional and high-quality products and services. The company is committed to the development of equipment health diagnosis and maintenance, equipment failure prevention and control, advanced manufacturing and industrial automation production.

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