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Gardenep Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.

Gardenep Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.

Main business:

Landfill leachate/ Municipal sewage/ Industrial wastewater treatment and volatile organic waste gas, malodorous gas treatment

Gardenep Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and was restructured into a joint stock company in 2009. The main business includes waste gas and wastewater treatment. The business model of Gardenep Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. includes general engineering contracting (EPC), BT, BOT, BOO and entrusted design, contract operation, technical consultation, equipment sales and other diversified models. It is recognized as a national environmental protection industry backbone enterprise, high-tech enterprise, excellent innovative enterprises, strategic emerging industry backbone enterprises, municipal intellectual property demonstration enterprises. It has the "Double-A" qualification for the special design of the national environmental pollution prevention and control project (exhaust gas, waste water), and the second-level qualification for the national environmental protection construction professional contracting.


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