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Hanwei Smart Utilities Group

Hanwei Smart Utilities Group

Main business:

Public utility investment/Tap water production and sales/ Heating/ Municipal Engineering

Hanwei Smart Utility is a demonstration base for Hanwei Technology to rebuild public utility enterprises and IoT industry application in PPP mode. It includes Zhengzhou Hanwei Public Utilities Technology Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Zhiyuan Technology Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou High-tech Water Supply Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou High-tech Water Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou High-tech Wutong Water Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou High-tech Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Henan High-tech Times Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd., etc. The current main business involves public utility investment, tap water production and sales, heating, and municipal engineering. In the future, it will cover the fields of raw water transportation, water products, distributed energy, refrigeration, thermal power, and general contracting of projects.

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