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Guangdong Longquan Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Longquan Technology Co., Ltd.

Main business:

Water supply and drainage geographic information system/ Handheld inspection system/ Hydraulic water quality modeling system/ Digital water comprehensive display platform/ Other underground pipe networks, municipal systems

Guangdong Longquan Technology Co., Ltd., as a holding subsidiary of Hanwei, is a sub-section of the smart city of Hanwei Technology Group, specializing in GIS systems in the field of public utilities, flammable gas, tap water, urban water supply and drainage. Longquan has been committed to the research and development of "digital city", "digital community" and "digital municipality"; comprehensively utilizes 3S (remote sensing RS, geographic information system GIS, global positioning system GPS) technology, network technology, Multimedia and Virtual Reality, with geographic information system as a platform, provide solutions and innovative solutions for urban digitalization projects.

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